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Spectacle Lenses – What are my choices?

There are 3 main types of spectacle lenses and the choice is partly governed by what you want to do in the spectacles. These are Single Vision, Bifocals and Varifocals or Progressives.

Single Vision

For most people the first type of lens they buy are single vision. These are a lens which focuses you at only one distance so are great for distance vision, reading vision or computer/music vision. When you are young, you are able to focus at all distances through a single vision lens but as you get older this is less easy and so you can only focus at a single distance through the lens. How is this a problem? Well say you are watching the TV with your distance specs on and you wanted to check something in the paper, you would find it difficult and may have to change to a different pair of specs. This becomes more apparent the farther you leave your 40’s behind you.



Invented over 200 years ago by Benjamin Franklin, these lenses have been tried and tested. There are a number of different types of lens designs to choose from, some are far easier to get used to then others. As people vary in their tolerances, that fact your mother, your second cousin or the man down the road had problems, it doesn’t mean that you will. Trying someone else’s spectacles is not going to help, as these bifocals are fitted to them and to their prescription. It would be like trying someone else’s well worn slippers and expecting them to fit perfectly.

The advantage of bifocals over single vision specs are that with bifocals you get 2 distances in focus e. g. distance and reading or computer distance and reading. Going back to my example on single vision specs – you could watch the TV and check the paper at the same time. The disadvantages include, in some people, problems with stairs, and poor clarity at middle distance if a distance/near option is chosen.


Varifocals or Progressives

Invented in the late 50’s-early 60’s, these lenses are nearly as old as me! When I left university, in the 70’s, there were 2 designs and if you had a problem with both of those, then you were unable to wear varifocals. How times have changed, there are many different designs around, some for small frames, some for people who work in offices, some for sports, some for general wear. More and more people can get on with at least one design, so even if you tried them 2 years ago and had a problem, you may now be suitable. These lenses have a 30 day comfort guarantee so if you try them and have a problem getting used to them, we will change them

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The English Optician
18 bd National
24500 Eymet

Tel : 05 53 61 28 23

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How To Find Us

From the North, head toward Brgerac.

At Bergerac, take the D933 south towards Eymet and Marmande. At the bottom of 

the hill as you enter Eymet, keep straight on at the first roundabout and 

through the traffic lights and the mini roundabout.  When you reach the shops, 

park near the depot du vente and I am in the Chiropractors Building across the 

road. I am next door to ABC Medical.

From Bordeaux - head either east on the D936 to Bergerac and follow the 

directions above from Bergerac or south on the A62 and follow the directions 


From the South

From the A62, come off at junction 5(Marmande/Mont-de-Marsan) and head North on 

the D933 through Marmande and continue on towards Bergerac. Go on to Eymet. 

When you reach the shops, park near the depot du vente and I am in the 

Chiropractors Building across the road. I am next door to ABC Medical.