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Contacts Lenses – The Rigid and The Soft

Contact lenses come in many different designs, sizes, wearability and material, but basically there are two main common types of lens, rigid and soft.

The Rigid.

These lenses include PMMA(hard) lenses and Gas Permeable, lenses plus some specialist lenses used for cosmetic reasons. PMMA lenses were the first small lens available and have been around for over 50 years. They were called hard lenses because the material is very robust and lenses can last over 15 years.  Their disadvantages are that they are not good for corneal health as during wear the cornea doesn’t get enough oxygen and they are also the most difficult to get used to!

Gas Permeable lenses were developed in the 70’s to overcome the main disadvantages of the rigid lens. As the name implies, the materials allows oxygen through it to allow the cornea to breath. Gas permeable lenses are a group of materials which are continually under development to get the best conditions for the health of the eye. They are also more comfortable than the hard lenses – a distinct advantage.

The Soft

Soft lenses are exactly that, soft, flexible and the most comfortable type of lens. Although probably second best to gas permeable lenses for eye health, their advantages outweigh this for most people.  The materials available allow flexibility of wear, for a few hours, one day a week for golf to 24 hours a day. Not all people are suitable for all types of wearing schedules, but with each material development, more people can benefit from lens wear.

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How To Find Us

From the North, head toward Brgerac.

At Bergerac, take the D933 south towards Eymet and Marmande. At the bottom of 

the hill as you enter Eymet, keep straight on at the first roundabout and 

through the traffic lights and the mini roundabout.  When you reach the shops, 

park near the depot du vente and I am in the Chiropractors Building across the 

road. I am next door to ABC Medical.

From Bordeaux - head either east on the D936 to Bergerac and follow the 

directions above from Bergerac or south on the A62 and follow the directions 


From the South

From the A62, come off at junction 5(Marmande/Mont-de-Marsan) and head North on 

the D933 through Marmande and continue on towards Bergerac. Go on to Eymet. 

When you reach the shops, park near the depot du vente and I am in the 

Chiropractors Building across the road. I am next door to ABC Medical.