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Your British Optician in France
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Welcome to the English Optician website.

I hope to include usefull, up to date information on eye health, spectacles and lenses, contact lenses and laser surgery.

The English Optician is is the first British Optician for the Dordogne and for France. Getting your eyes examined  in France is not the same as the UK and can be very confusing. As I find out more of the ins and out of the system I will add it to the website so please bookmark the page and visit regularly to keep informed.

I hope that opening an English speaking opticians in the Dordogne will make having an eye examination and buying spectacles easier.

New Opening Hours

The English Optician is open

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

9.15 to 13.00 and 14.30 to 17.30

Eye examinations, choosing spectacles and collecting spectacles are by appointment only. Please ring Marian on 05 53 61 28 23 or email her to arrange an appointment.

Books Available

Available on Amazon Kindle.

I have written books about the following 3 eye conditions (click on the title for a link) -

Macula Degeneration News

New hope for patients with Dry Macula degeneration.

The Guardian has reported that stem cell treatment has improved the sight to some patients. This is great news as there has been no treatment for this disease in the past.

Obviously more trials will be needed but it is a step forward in the treatment of the disease that causes along with wet macula degeneration 50% of blind registrations in the UK.

See for more details.

New Flash

Macular Degeneration

I have just read that the first stem cell surgery has taken place in Japan. Stem cell surgery is hoped to be the treatment of choice for macular degeneration in the future so this is a significant step forward. There are more planned operations over the next few months and then the results will be assessed.

I will add more as I hear it.


New research into the Human genome of 36,000 people has revealed 4 genes associated with Glaucoma.

Ananth Viswanathan, a consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital and joint director of the research group, said: “The discoveries are significant because they improve our understanding of the risk of this serious disease and may lead to better treatments.”

My Comment: I read both pieces of information in my professional journal's newsletter yesterday so this is new information. Hopefully the research will lead to better treatment of both diseases.

Blue Light - one of the reason you hate modern light bulbs.

Going green is not always the best thing to do. One difference the new light bulbs which have replaced the good old candesent bulb is the increase in amount of blue light you receive.

In the mornings and the winter, you need blue light to wake you up and to reduce the risk of S.A.D. so the modern bulb has a great advantage over the old. The BUT is that in the evenings, the blue light keeps you awake so your sleep patterns are disturbed.

If it was just the lights it wouldn't be so bad, but add the TV, Laptop. Computer, Mobile Phone and Tablet to the mix and you are overloaded with blue light in the evening. This can be prevented by wearing either spectacles with correct filter or a pair of over specs to reduce the amount of blue light you receive in the evening.

2018 Holiday

Just to let you know, I am on holiday from 07/04/18 til 15/05/18.

If you have a eye problem, please email me and I will try to reply in24hrs.



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Contact Details

The English Optician
18 bd National
24500 Eymet

Tel : 05 53 61 28 23

GPS Coordinates 

44 40' 7.69" N   0 23' 56.56" W 

44.668805   0.399045 

How To Find Us

From the North, head toward Brgerac.

At Bergerac, take the D933 south towards Eymet and Marmande. At the bottom of 

the hill as you enter Eymet, keep straight on at the first roundabout and 

through the traffic lights and the mini roundabout.  When you reach the shops, 

park near the depot du vente and I am in the Chiropractors Building across the 

road. I am next door to ABC Medical.

From Bordeaux - head either east on the D936 to Bergerac and follow the 

directions above from Bergerac or south on the A62 and follow the directions 


From the South

From the A62, come off at junction 5(Marmande/Mont-de-Marsan) and head North on 

the D933 through Marmande and continue on towards Bergerac. Go on to Eymet. 

When you reach the shops, park near the depot du vente and I am in the 

Chiropractors Building across the road. I am next door to ABC Medical.